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Virgo (Kanya Rasi)

Month wise predictions for the year 2017

May :

In the first fortnight some may perform religious functions and go to pilgrimage tour. Spiritual activities will be more. After 17thsome may visit overseas. Purchase of immovable property will be better after 20thof this month. Financial assistance will be helpful for businessmen. The production will increase in this period.After 24thof this month ,marketing business will be sound. Some may get monetary gains around the 3rd week of this month. There are chances of transfer for service people.

June :

After 3rdof this month new ventures will be undertaken. Long pending litigation will be over and there are chances of out of court settlement. After 6thof this month some may be blessed with new born baby. After 10th, there will be a sudden improvement in business and chances of cash flow will be more. Share market will give good results .For politicians the period will be good. After 23rdthere are chances of growth in financial situation. Manufacturing units will run on profitable basis. In this period students will find easy success.

July :

After 11thof this month there are chances of short travel .In the 3rdweek of this month some may get their ancestral property.Some may take long term loan also. New friends may come forward to help in business. Financial stability will be there in these days. Business turnover will be more. This is best time for those who are dealing with garment export business. After 20ththe film industry related people will flourish well.

August :

In the first two weeks of the month some may get good recognition from superior officers. Some may get government honour. Auspicious functions will be held at home. There will be an increase in the medical expenses. Spiritual activities will give peace of mind. Tension will be reduced in these days.After 22nd , there are chances to purchase agricultural land.

September :

The first week of this month will be easy going. In this month the commitments will be less. There are chances to increase the bank balance in these days. In these days some may enjoy a support from their subordinates. After 11th,there may be health issues. Expenses will be more till 24thof this month .After 25thof this month, marketing business will be profitable. There will also be a support from family members. Smooth life will be there. Litigation will be postponed in these days.

October :

Export business will be good. After 7ththere are chances to receive bulk orders. After11threal estate business will go high. Uncommon expenses will increase. After 23rd,there are chances of long travel. Partnership business will give good return. Those who are appearing in competitive examinations will get success easily. In these the health will remain normal.

November :

After 5thof this month the investment in business will be more. There are chances to receive encouraging communication. Speculation will be sound in these days. Some may undertake overseas education and some may go to overseas on deputation. Litigation will be postponed. Tension will prevail for politicians. After 22ndthere are chances to purchase a new vehicle. Some may find change of job. Service people will get promotion.

December :

After 6thof this month there will be unnecessary medical expenditure due to sudden illness of some elderly member of the family. There are chances of short travel and that travel will give peace of mind. After 18ththere are chances of having good return from speculation. New decisions will be taken for expansion of business. After 17th the students will succeed in their studies. Health will be maintained well in these days.

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