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Capricorn (Makara Rasi)

Month wise predictions for the year 2017

May :

After 4th of this month some may purchase new property. Change of environment is possible. Overseas travel will be encouraging. There are chances to meet new friends. New ventures will be average. In the mid of the month financial status will be maintained well. Politicians will face a dull period. After 15thof this month there are also chances of transfer for service people.

June :

There may be financial crisis at start of this month. Some may invest in real estate business. But after 7th of this month, money flow will be good. Long term loans will be reduced in this period. After 11th of this month stock market will improve. At the end of the month some may get success in higher education.

July :

In the mid of this month there are chances of separation from the family but this separation will be for a short duration. Social status will improve in these days. After 16th some may visit overseas for a short period. In the last week of this month admission in overseas institutions is possible. Service people will get internal transfer.

August :

In this month investment in agriculture will give profitable income. Import and export business will be good. Health will be maintained well. Long awaited litigation will continue. Speculation will be average. Artists and musicians will have a good period. Film industry will do well. Some officials will get state honour.

September :

In the first week of this month there are chances to purchase a new vehicle. There are chances to increase bank balance after 6th. Some may get long term loan. After 17th there are chances of improvement in partnership business. After 21st some may be blessed with a new born baby. Happy life will be maintained during this month.

October :

This month will be an average one. In this month unnecessary and uncommon expenses will continue. Financial status will improve during this month. Some may purchase new vehicle. There may be stomach problem during this period. After 21st there are chances of positive change in business activities. There are chances of purchase of property around third week of this month. Service people will get good recognition during this period. Cash flow will be good.

November :

This month will be a good one. After 7th of this month business expansion may be possible. New venture in film industry will give popularity. Social status will be maintained in these days. There will be much unwanted expenditures during this time. Students get success in their studies after 16thof this month. There are chances of gain through speculation. This is a phase of success in every activity. Service people will get promotion in these days. Overall this month will go peaceful.

December :

In the first week of this month the business will give positive results. Real estate may find encouraging growth. Service people will get support from their sub-ordinates it will give mental peace. After 19ththere are chances of gain through speculation. Some may purchase jewellery or immovable property after 21st Students will shine during this period. There will be a peace at home during this time. Medical expenses will be reduced and artists will get honour during this time.

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