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Gemini (Mithuna Rasi)

Month wise predictions for the year 2017

May :

Before 5th may, some will be blessed with life partner. After 7th some will purchase vehicle.There are chances of purchase of property in the third week.Social status will be maintained. Some will take long term loans for business expansion.There will be peace and prosperity at home during this period.Trading will be very successful. Long pending litigation will be postponed.Those appearing in competitive exams will find easy success.

June :

Some will find eye trouble between 1st to 9th June. Some will be interested to involve in small scale industries.Partnership business will be very good. Some will be interested to take up new service.Good decisions will be taken by students to pursue higher education.Service people will get internal transfer.

July :

After 2nd of July some will get loan.Speculation will be good.Gain through ancestral property is seen. Litigation will come to an end.Export business will be good.New environmental change may give prosperity and happiness.From 15th to 31st July there are chances for small separation.After 18th, involvement in political activities may give happiness and pleasure.

August :

Good chances in career. Bank balance will be maintained. New friends and partners may enter into business. Trading will be successful.Unwanted and unnecessary tension will be over.New agency business may come.Film industry people will get good status.New ventures can be taken in this time.Short travel may give mental happiness.

September :

After 3rd there is speculative gain and increase in cash flow. Some may choose a spiritual path. There is a chance of environmental change which will cause happiness. Unwanted commitments will be reduced.Elderly people may find little discomfort. Students will get sure success in their academic performances.

October :

After 3rd of this month there are chances of purchase of property. Partnership business will improve after 5th.Some may find social status and popularity. Financial position will be sound. In the 3rdweek of this month, there are chances to purchase a new vehicle .Friends may join in your business

November :

There are chances of making new agreements after 11th of this month. Some will be blessed with a life partner. Social status will improve. Politician’s life will be dull. There will be peace and prosperity at home. After 20th of this month trading will be very successful. Service people will get promotion after 23rd. Health will be maintained.

December :

There are chances of purchase of immovable property after 2nd of this month. There are chances of unexpected gain through business dealings. New vehicle will be purchased. Business will be brisk and busy. Artists will flourish well. Monetary gain can be observed. Share market will improve. After 11th of this month long travel may be there. Happy and harmonious life will be maintained. There are chances of higher education for some students.

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