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Sagittarius (Dhanu Rasi)

Month wise predictions for the year 2017

May :

After 4th of this month there will be long travels due to business purposes. Trading will be good in these days. Unnecessary expenditure will be more. Inimical activities will be reduced. Elderly people are advised to be careful regarding health issues. Peace and prosperity in business will continue. After 28thof this month some may shift to new place in new environment. Service people will get internal change.

June :

After 3rd of this month there are chances of expansion in business. There is a scope to get support from partners. Export business will be good. Health will be maintained well. There are chances to purchase jewellery after 12thof this month. After 18th some may plan to invest money in agriculture land. After 24th some may get loan. New vehicle may be purchased in these days. Some may have to face skin allergy and medical expenses will be more in these days.

July :

There are chances for some people to take up new trading business. Partners will give good support. After 10th there are chances to get support from family giving mental peace. There is a period of separation between couples but it will not be for long period. After 29th some may purchase Jewellery. Cash flow will be maintained well. Support from relatives and friends will continue. Service people my face relocation from their present place.

August :

After 7th some may purchase a new vehicle. In these days share market will be very dull but after 9thtrading will be good. After 11thsome may purchase landed property. After 11th, film personalities will enjoy this period as a good period. Some may acquire new property after 20thof this month.Good turnover in business can be expected in these days. The professionals will get support from their superiors and subordinates. Some may face muscular pain and shoulder pain in these days.

September :

This month is a challenging month. Free flow of cash can be expected. Positive changes and happiness may prevail. Trading will be successful. Uncommon expenses in family will give mental tension. Support from brothers will continue. Long continued litigation may continue. Some may get government postings. There are chances for new contract business. Stock market will be average. In the last week of this month short travel will give happiness.

October :

After 2nd of this month there will be a peaceful atmosphere in family. Some may perform religious functions at home. Bank balance will be sound. There are chances of change in business activities especially in maintenance. Litigation may continue. There are chances to make new friends. Some may enter into politics. There will be a gain through agriculture and it will give much happiness. Service people will feel comfort in these days.

November :

After 8th some may find huge turnover in business. There will be scope of bulk orders in business. Financial assistance from bank will continue. In the mid of this month some may get ancestral property. Some may plan long travels in these days. There are chances of higher studies overseas. Service people will get promotion in these days and for film industry people this is a good time for development

December :

In the first week of this month there will be health complications .Some may face viral infection, cold and cough. After 9thsome may get long term loans. There are chances of long travel due to higher studies. This period is good to maintain social status and popularity. There are chances to purchase a vehicle after 21st.Free flow of cash will be there. Couples will enjoy smooth and steady life.

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