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Pisces (Meena Rasi)

Month wise predictions for the year 2017

May :

There are chances of religious development in this month. New comers will join the business. There are chances of pilgrimage around the 3rd week of this month. Friends and relatives will make surprise visits. The atmosphere will change around the last week. After 12thof this month there are chances of gain through share market. Politicians will fulfil their promises. Service people will rise in their career. Some may feel troubled due to blood pressure and back pain. Medical expenses may increase. Women will acquire new assets.

June :

After 4th of this month some will enter into joint ventures and these will be successful. There will be a growth in bank balance. There are chances to receive encouraging communication after 2ndweek of this month. Financial problems will be solved during this period. After 15thof this month some may get monetary gains from one’s organization. Some will get bank loans to support their commitments. People in service will get promotion in these days.

July :

This month will go very smoothly. In the second week of this month the separation is seen for few couples. Some may get government postings. Superiors will create tensions for working people. Some will plan to take up new workoverseas. Travelling will give a good change which may affect lifestyle. After 23rd of this month there will be a good understanding with the life partner. In these days the income will increase and the expenses will decrease.

August :

In the mid of this month the cash flow will be maintained well. Before 17th some may be blessed with government honour. In this time the students are advised that they must concentrate on their studies. Peace and prosperity will prevail in this month. Some service people may get promotion in these days. Some may get stomach related problems in these days

September :

In the starting of this month there are chances to purchase property. There are chances to change the environment and this change will also give peace of mind. Long pending litigation may be postponed in these days. Tension and worries will increase during this period. Share market will be good after the 3rd week of this month. Bank balance will be sound in these days. New partners will join in business. Some may get overseas admission for higher studies. Some may get overseas job also. Long awaited orders will be completed in these days.

October :

In starting of this month encouraging business orders can be expected. There are chances to improve export and import business. In first fortnight some unwanted communication can make some people unhappy. There are chances to get gain through speculation. Support from relatives and friends may continue during this period. There are chances to get profit through agriculture. After 25th of this month some service people may be transferred. This is time to enjoy life happily.

November :

During this time there will be an increase in the family. Long travel may give mental peace. The cash flow will be good for some business people. After 17th of this month there are chances of improvement in the share market. After 24th some may get environmental change. In these days new decisions will be taken. There are chances for Pilgrimage tours.

December :

This month will be the most cheerful one. Trading will be encouraging in these days. Real estate business will also be on improvement side. Film industry will also be on full swing in these days. In these days yield through agriculture will be beneficial. Some may be blessed with moveable property. Health needs care in these days. Around 4th there are chances to sell ancestral property. Financial status will be good in these days. Service people will be transferred internally. Young couples may lead smooth life. This period is encouraging for politicians

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