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Aquarious (Kumbha Rasi)

Month wise predictions for the year 2017

May :

After 12 th there are chances to purchase landed property. There are chances to go for pilgrimage. There will be yield through agriculture . Long pending litigation may be postponed. There are chances to purchase jewellery during this time. After 9thof this month some may take long term loan. The cash flow will be good in these days. The politicians will lead a relaxed life in these days.

June :

In the first week of this month there are chances to start new business. There are also chances to receive good business communications. Export business will also improve in these days. Service people will get promotion with transfer. After 3rdof this month students will find success in their studies. After 9thof this month, life will be smooth. After 22nd of this month medical expenses will be reduced.

July :

In the 1st week of this month some may be interested to purchase landed property. In the first fortnight some couples will be separated. Some may get ancestral property after the 3rdweek of this month. Overseas travel will be good and fruitful. After 7th some students will qualify competitive exam.

August :

Some politicians will face tensions during this month. Extra expenses will be a cause of worry during this period. Some may get government postings and honour . Partnership business will be fruitful. Good turnover can be expected in these days. After 16th there will be substantial growth in business. Trading will be good. Bank balances will be sound. After 20thsome may invest in jewellery and properties.

September :

This month will go well. During the 2nd week some friends will enter into business. Expansion in business will be fruitful in these days. Health will go well. After 16thall tensions will be eliminated. Share market will give good return. Some elderly people in family must take care of themselves as there are chance for some health problem for them.

October :

During the first week of this month the expenses will increase. During this time some may maintain good understanding with the partner. Textile and garment business will be on full growth. Film industry related people also do well. After 23rd of this month the cash flow will be good. In this period there are chances for overseas trip. Overall life will go well in these days.

November :

This month will go very well. Cash flow will be good after 3rd partnership business will not be so fruitful. It is good and encouraging time for film industry people. After 19th of this month popularity and social status will be maintained. After 24th the financial status will go up due to scope of overseas orders. Business turnover will be good. There are chances of pilgrimage tour. Professionals will get encouraging opportunities.

December :

This is a month of development. New ventures will be encouraging. Short travel will be fruitful. After 23rd of this month spiritual and religious functions will be held in some families. Service people will get promotion with transfer. Health will remain normal. Life will go smooth.

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